A Grand Treatment or
Around the World in 3.5 hours

Le Petit Spa 

There is nothing small about Le Petit Spa, especially when you feel as though you have traveled around the world with their Vital Energy Treatment package. I stepped through the doors of Le Petit Spa's Spafumerie II (900 Second Ave on the corner 48th Street) to experience this very special package after a particularly long week at work. My body was aching from running around New York City, and my eyes tired from hours in front of a computer screen. I really needed a vacation...   

Being welcomed into Le Petit Spa was just as good. After I donned my terry bathrobe and paper underwear in the changing room, I stashed my personals in a locker, pocketed my key and was led by Nineta to the Rainforest room. I entered a surprisingly spacious sanctuary where I would receive the Hot Bod Body Treatment. As I lay down on the wet table, with a small palm tree at my feet, I heard the sounds of twittering birds and the call of a scarlet macaw. (Or so I liked to imagine.) Nineta applied the body scrub, using a slippery exfoliant made by Paris-based Decleor. Once all that dead skin was pleasurably sloughed off, the 6-headed vichy shower was positioned over me and Nineta used a body gel to rinse off the exfoliant. There I was, in the soft light under the forest canopy, on a really comfortable table in the middle of the Amazon. As a mid-afternoon rain shower rushed over my whole body, I had not a care in the world. It was just me and my scarlet macaw. After the shower I was treated to a delightful moisturizing massage before I was led to the Bamboo II room for my Cleansing Basic Facial.   

As I changed into my spa wrap (like a towel with an elasticized top) and settled on the table, I noticed that the walls around me were beautifully decorated from floor to ceiling with life-size bamboo. When Nineta returned, she began with a relaxing back massage and I was soon transported away from the rainforest into a new place of healing. After the massage, I turned over onto my back and was tucked into cozy sheets and blankets so that Nineta could begin the facial. Again using Decleor products, she began with the exfoliation and then gave me an aromatherapy digital pressure massage. I felt as though I was experiencing the secrets of the East, with expert hands applying a medicinal balm to my face. After the massage came the steaming and extraction of dirt from my pores, which of course is more healthy than it is relaxing. Iím always thankful for it nonetheless, and Nineta spent a great deal of time squeezing every last bit of grime from what I had thought was a pretty clean face. Next she applied a clay mask to my nose (which was oilier) and a hydrating mask to the rest of my face. A fragrant, cooling Vitamin C mask was then spread over the whole thing, which would help to activate the hydration. Apparently my face was very thirsty, because when Nineta returned after 10 minutes to peel it off, my face had drank up ALL of the hydrating mask. She finished off with more moisturizer and bid me farewell before I was handed over to Babita, my manicurist.    

After I changed back into my clothes, Babita ushered me into the regal setting of the mani/pedi room, where I nestled into a plush chair to soak my feet in the bath she was running. Unlike most mani/pedi areas, this was delightfully private, tucking me away in a spacious room hidden behind a velvet drape. This room had a European feel, with rich red upholstery and throw pillows adorning the bench seating. Perhaps inspired by the colors of the room, I chose a deep wine for my fingers, and gold for my toes. Babita, who is a ten-year veteran aesthetician, began with the pedicure, skillfully removing callouses and easing my rough feet back to life. This pedicure involves a special foot treatment, which is comprised of a delightfully cooling mask applied to the feet and calves. After a leg massage, Babita slipped a pair of flip flops onto my newly golden-toed feet. The final step of this three-and-a-half-hour odyssey was the equally enjoyable manicure, which included a hand and arm massage with moisturizing lotion. Babita perfectly applied the stunning color which I can now admire as I type!    

If you'd really like to spoil yourself (and who doesn't?), take a few hours out of your busy day to visit Le Petit Spa. Don't let the name fool you; there's a whole world to be discovered inside. The Vital Energy Treatment is an extraordinary spa package that will take you on a mini-vacation. Just remember, the only thing that will feel "small" is the hit to your bank account.     

Arlene Marshall
Beauty Editor - www.spa-nyc.com 

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Tips for the Vital Energy Treatment at Le Petit Spa Spafumerie II:
-  Arrive 10-15 minutes early so that you have time to change out of your clothes.
- Remove your makeup prior to the treatment, since your face may get wet during the vichy shower.
- Remember if you are happy with this or any other spa service tip at least 15 - 20 %.
- Remember to tell them Spa-nyc.com sent you.